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This show is for women in midlife who want to optimise their energy, instil a positive mindset and live a life of their dreams.
If your priority right now is to rediscover you, find more energy, reconnect with yourself, do more of what you love, and have more fun – then I am here to guide you through your journey to make it your reality.
This podcast celebrates women in midlife. We redefine what it means to be in midlife by exploring topics that are important to women at midlife, we aren’t over the hill, we are just getting started!


I’m 48, a wife, a mum to 4 amazing humans, a mentor for women in midlife, a business coach for female entrepreneurs and I’m so proud to say I have been a host of this podcast for 2.5 years.

5 Tips to Boost Your Energy in Midlife


Do you find your energy levels are no longer what they used to be before you reached midlife?


Here's 5 Tips to Boost Your Energy in Midlife naturally and they are all free.

I encourage you to implement all 5 tips into your day, even if you take it slow and introduce 1 tip a...

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Create Your Next Chapter

Are you ready to create your next chapter?

Life is like a good book, each chapter has its highs and lows and exciting parts and boring parts.

As we navigate through the chapters of our younger years, the dreaded teenage years and into the fun and wild chapter of the 30's life is a crazy mix driven...

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5 Reasons to Book the Damned Holiday

On Today's episode of The Sharon Cliffe Podcast I share with you 5 Reasons to Book the Damned Holiday!


After completing my Mums bucket list what did we do, you guessed it, we booked another damned holiday!


Of course that made my husband have FOMO so what did we do, we booked...

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6 Ways to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos

On today's episode of The Sharon Cliffe podcast I share with you 6 Ways to Stay Calm in the Midst of Chaos.


Life is busy and chaotic and if it isn't like this for you right now, then I'm sure it has been in the past or maybe in the future. When you are in the midst of chaos it can be very...

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Your Dream Life Is One Decision Away with Morgan T Nelson

On today's episode my guest Morgan T Nelson vulnerably shares how he went from emotionally and financially broke to financially free in 2 years.

If you are struggling with self doubt, Morgan shares a powerful phrase "The more you do, the less you think" hear him talk about the perspective shift...

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5 Reasons to Hire a Woman Over 40

Why you should hire a woman over 40!


As a woman who is over 40, 48 to be exact, I know how much knowledge, value and calmness I can offer to an employer or a client.


After overhearing a conversation last week around hiring a male in his "mid fourties" (the conversation wasn't...

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How to Become a Solopreneur or Freelancer with Sarah Duran

Today's podcast is how to become a solopreneur or freelancer with Sarah Duran.


Firstly Sarah defines the difference between solopreneur and freelancer.


Join Sarah as she shares her expertise to help solopreneurs live up to their highest potential. Sarah shares her tips on how...

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Redefining Midlife for Women

Ladies if you are 40 plus then this is the episode that you need to listen to.


I am passionate about helping women over 40 redefine midlife. This is the best season of your life!

Women over fourty are no longer couch potatoes watching Days Of Our Lives eating Ben & Jerrys ice-cream....

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The Benefit of Knowing What You Don't Want

The Benefit of Knowing What You Don't Want!  

We all talk and hear about the things we do want, but how often do you think about what you don't want?  

I'm always of a positive mindset, but on today's podcast I wanted to share the Benefit of Knowing What You Don't Want. ...

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Normalising Aging For Women with Jacqueline “Jack” Perez

On today’s podcast I am joined by Jacqueline “Jack” Perez. Jack is on a mission to normalize aging. She promotes normalizing aging for women through curated content and women-driven brands.

In this episode, we discuss the importance of embracing your version of midlife and...

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The Best Travel Tips to Save you Time, Money and Stress

The Best Travel Tips to Save you Time, Money and Stress for Bali or anywhere in the world.  


I share the best travel tips on travel that you can use locally or globally.  

Best tips to book flights 

Best tips on booking accommodation 

Tips on the best places...

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Embracing Self Love 6 Tips to Loving Yourself in Midlife

Finally at 48 I have been embracing self love and can I just say I am loving myself in midlife.


On today's episode I share with you 6 Tips to Loving Yourself in Midlife, and whether you are a few years off midlife, smack back in the middle of midlife or popping up on the other side, this...

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