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Welcome to The Sharon Cliffe podcast. I help  experienced female  business owners who have reached a  revenue and passion plateau create  a renewed desire and  time freedom for strengthening their relationships with themselves and others without sacrificing revenue growth and losing their individuality. 

I do this by uncovering  your  true  underlying passion + energy + flow to optimize your  growth strategies This podcast shares the tips, tricks, learnings and lessons to connect self, mind, body, spirit and passion. I’m a  curious entrepreneur, intuitive coach, mentor, wife, and mum to 4 amazing humans - who enjoys living life on my own terms. Turn up the volume lets do this!

5 tips to have fun in business - Episode 36

Lets face it business and life are hard. We take it all so serious, where’s the fun?


As kids we had so much fun, as adults we are serious and boring!!


I asked my community what they did to bring fun into their business and I was astounded when one of them...

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Help! Is it a good or a bad thing? - Episode 35

A recent MAMAMIA article sparked controversy when a business coach wrote about outsourcing her home life admin.


I'm not here to debate the article and get your opinion on it, I'm here to tell you girls -  that us women can't do all the things - we need to ask for help. We are worthy...

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What 75 Hard Taught Me About Staying On Track With Goals & Habits feat. Lorraine Murphy - Episode 34

Last year, I completed the #75Hard Challenge – which is a mental toughness challenge, it was the hardest, most rewarding challenge I have ever done in my life!
Each day for 75 days, participants:
  • Do two 45-minute workouts (one outside)
  • Stick to a diet
  • Have no cheat meals...
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Raising your vibration in 2022 - Episode 33


It's that time of the year where we start our planning and goal setting.

Before you do that, think about how you can raise your vibration in 2022.

On today's episode I talk about the 5 key areas you need to focus on to raise your vibration in 2022.

To book in a free clarity call head...

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Episode 32 My Advice to My Younger Self

It was recently International Day of The Girl and I shared a video on my social media of advice I would love to go back and give my younger self.

The response was awesome so I thought I'd elaborate more on it in a podcast episode, so here we are. 

Given what I know now, to my younger...

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Episode 31: How to Live a Life that you Love

This Episode is brought to you by The Passion Project.

Join Sharon Cliffe for this solo episode where she shares with you what you need to feel, learn and do to live a life that you love.

If you aren't living your life in favour of your passions, you need to listen to this episode. Take the free...

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Episode 30: How mobile phones affect our life - 7 steps to ditch it

We all have smartphones, they do everything for us. They are so smart they have made us dumb and they are affecting our lives.


In a 2019 study, it was reported that we spend on average 4.2 hour a day on our phones, which was increase of 30% on the  2 years prior. A study completed in...

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Epsiode 29: Why women need an energy management plan

Why women need an energy management plan!

I recently listened to a podcast during one of my walks, and it talked about an energy management plan.  


I was so inspired I came home and did an energy management plan.  In this episode I share my energy management plan, why...

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Episode 28: 6 Tips to a Happier Life


Sharon Cliffe's 6 Tips to a Happier Life. Life doesn't happen without a few stumbles along the way.

We only get one life and we need to make it a happy one.

Let's be honest we need to do what makes us happy and do it for the right reasons.

Grab a coffee or wine and sit back and listen to...

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Episode 27 Winning the war with myself #75hard

Winning the war with myself, Why I am doing #75hard?

Because I’m figuring out how to master mental toughness & develop the skills needed to take complete control of my life so I can be successful in anything I do.


After 6 years in business I started doubting myself, I was in a...

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Episode 26: Trudy Stevens Secrets to a healthy body, Eat the cake, Drink the wine!

Eat the Cake, Drink the Wine!

Ok, so we are all guilty of laying around a lot over the last 18 months and admit it, for a lot of us, the only exercise we got was walking to the fridge for snacks.


Coming out of a pandemic we are either chunks or hunks so here's some tips on getting...

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Episode 25 Shereen Lister Tips to overcome anxiety and stress

Do you have anxiety or maybe you think you have but you just aren't sure about the symptoms?
Do you wonder how you stop anxiety?
Do you fear certain situations or locations because you feel anxious about them?
Press play on this episode as Anxiety Coach Shereen...
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