My mission is simple:  to create a movement that changes the narrative on what midlife means for women.


Midlife is not a crisis, it's a time to recalibrate.


I choose to make this chapter my best one yet!

So, how did I get here?

I’m a Gemini (of-course I talk to myself), curious entrepreneur, intuitive coach, mentor, wife, and mum to 4 amazing humans - who enjoys living life on my own terms. I'm partial to wine and chocolate and self care is my priority.


After leaving school at 14, I spent nearly 30 years in the corporate world and I've spent thousands on my education (I have a Master of Business and I'm a Certified Busines Coach) and I'll ever stop learning!


In 2015, I needed more flexibility with 4 young kids, and I wanted to make a bigger impact, so, I took the leap and started my own consulting business Cider Consulting (yes named after the drink). I built a thriving business helping business owners streamline their businesses, save time and make more money, and I've never looked back.


But, after 5 years, the hustle got tiring, I no longer had the fire in my belly for consulting. I started dabbling in coaching and mentoring, and in 2019 I took The Passion Test. I discovered that coaching was my passion. When I was coaching I lit up, I was energised and it was fun. I became a Certified Passion Test coach and a Flow Facilitator.


In 2020, it was my time! I made the brave decision to shut down my consulting business and became a certified business coach. On a quest to find myself, I turned to inner work. I found tools to help me with flow, passion, habits, and energy. I created myself, I now incorporate these learnings into my coaching philosophy.


In early 2023, we moved from our family home. I felt stuck in the middle, midlife felt messy, I was unmotivated and unsure of who I was. My kids all had their licenses and didn't depend on me anymore - my calendar was bare and I was bored. We weren't quite empty nesters but life had changed. I needed to change. I looked at all of the areas of my life and chose to step forward and reconnect with myself and recalibrate.

I went searching for midlife support and all that came up was "midlife crisis" or "menopause". Honestly there is more to midlife than menopause and this is not a crisis. After 6 months of doing the inner work reconnecting with myself, recalibrating, finding freedom, unearthing happiness and burning my vision board - everything on that dream board is becoming my reality.  Fast forward and I can now honestly say I am writing the best chapter of my life! I changed the way I think, I feel amazing, I have opened up new opportunities, I am living IN my dream house, I feel healthier, I am happier, my life has meaning, I am working on better relationships AND I HAVE FOUND FUN AND FREEDOM!


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A movement for women who believe midlife is not a crisis, of and there's more to midlife than menopause!