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The Sharon Cliffe Podcast is for female entrepreneurs who struggle with overwhelm, burnout and balancing a business and life. In each episode, myself and my incredible guests share their story, business journey, and practical advice. No fluff friendly chats exploring mindfulness, marketing, building wealth, self care, and all things business. A podcast to inspire and empower you so you can create a life and a business you love without the burnout.

Episode 6: Ben Walker The 3 Keys to Wealth Creation

Ben shares his expertise around having the best structure for your business, how to manage cashflow and how to work out your magic number.


Ben delves into the 3 keys to wealth creation for your family and your business.

Ben’s Bio

Ben Walker is a Chartered Accountant with over a...

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Episode 5: Petria Leggo Field Creating a More Sustainable Business

Petria shares her story on how to build a well-informed community based around the earth-friendly movement, while creating exposure for sustainable and ethically focused Australian small businesses.


Petria Leggo-Field is the founder of Coco Rose Eco and the Coco Rose Community. Petria is...

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Episode 4: Gillian Kelly How To Create Maximum Impact on LinkedIn

Gillian delves into the features and functionality of LinkedIn such as articles, stories, recommendations, groups and analytics. Gillian shares the best strategies that will help you to stand out as an authority, create visibility and build relationships.

Sharon share’s her $70,000 sale...

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Episode 3: Stacey Cranitch Top 3 Tips on Juggling Business and Kids

In this episode, Stacy shares her story on how she built her business so she could spend time raising 2 daughters. Stacey tells us, she started her business to be flexible around her kids and spend more time with them, and ironically ended up almost burning out and spending more time with her...

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Episode 2: Sharon Cliffe From School Drop out to Fully Booked


I share my story of how I went from a high school drop out to working 2 and 3 jobs at a time to build a fully booked consulting business. In this episode, I am going to share how I had built the business of my dreams, how that business caused me to burnt out and how a cancer scare forced...

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Episode 1: Sharon Cliffe Imperfect Beginnings. From Tanning Boobs to a 6 Figure Business.

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Sharon Cliffe Podcast. This episode, your host Sharon Cliffe, tells her story of imperfect beginnings, from tanning boobs to a 6 figure business. 


You don’t want to miss:

 My journey from school drop out, the imperfect...

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