Hey, I'm Sharon!

Don’t Find Yourself. Create Yourself.

It’s time to uncover your true underlying passion + energy + flow to optimize your  growth strategies without sacrificing time with those you love.


I help driven WOMEN in business reclaim their IDENTITY, TIME and ENERGY without fear taking over.


Everyone else is telling you to hustle more and show up everywhere,

I'm telling you to have fun, let it be easy and show up as you!


You don't need more methods, steps and strategies, you already have the key inside you, you just need the right person to guide you - ie ME!

"Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
– George Bernard Shaw 


Energetics of Life & Business - creating the best version of you with ease and flow.



Created to empower you to expand, you'll feel deeply supported, this is where the magic happens.



Access everything you need at your own pace to show up, level up and thrive.


The Sharon Cliffe Podcast

For entrepreneurs who struggle with overwhelm, burnout and balancing a business and life. No fluff, friendly chats to inspire and empower you.


Female Entrepreneurs Collective Facebook Group

This is a COLLECTIVE- a beautiful community of ambitious women who empower each other to become the best version of themselves and turn their dreams into reality!


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Have you ever worked with an intuitive coach and mentor?

I'm here to teach the traditional principles and guide you to connect to your self, mind, spirit and purpose to bring joy and freedom.

A coach helps you acknowledge thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that have been keeping you from achieving what you truly desire. In intuitive coaching, it is likely you will have to confront the root cause of those blockages which can be difficult, but I am here to guide you through it.

Intuitive coaching is about teaching you to be whole and complete, and this can only be done from within oneself. Once we connect with our inner values, determine our passions and true drive, we are able to seek abundance in all others areas of our lives, that ‘fill up our tank’ and that of those around us.

Your purpose is your drive, your motivator, your juice, your fuel and will impact every single, little decision you make.

Intuitive coaching, therefore, can be highly transformational as it paves the way for a more intuitive, fulfilling life.

I’m a  curious entrepreneur, intuitive coach, mentor, wife, and mum to 4 amazing humans - who enjoys living life on my own terms

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Gillian Kelly

"I had so much fun working with Sharon, she gave me so many ideas."

In her words
Kelly O'Brien

"She gets inside my head and knows what I need and want!"

In her words
Katie Warren

"Working with Sharon has improved my business, and her support has taught me so much."

In her words
Angie Hinchliffe

"What we did in 2 hours would have taken me 6-8 weeks and I would still have not have a clear idea. It was great having someone to bounce ideas off. The coaching was so worth my investment."

Biljana Konjarski

"Sharon has been my coach for couple of months now. In the short time that I have worked with Sharon, she has provided the support and clarity I needed to move forward with my business. Sharon is down to earth,  very passionate about what she does and really cares about her clients. I am focused and energised after our coaching sessions. She keeps me accountable and motivated. Love having Sharon as my coach"

What if you could change lives everyday just by doing what you do...


A passion of mine is working towards improving lives of women on a global scale.

As a Rare Birds' mentor, and a Bambuddha Coach, I have the opportunity to ‘pay it forward’ by giving back and contributing to another important entrepreneur success story.  

Together, we are impacting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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