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Episode 20: Mike Rapajic How to prevent wine from ruining your next day

entrepreneur femaleentrepreneur health Jun 02, 2021

Let's be honest, a lot of us finish the day by pouring a glass of wine!

Mike Rapajic and I talk about mindful drinking, how to get the most out of your wine, what are some of the nasty elements that are found in commercial wines, and how to choose wine that's a healthier option (beyond just buying it from Feravina).

Mike is a health-conscious sommelier and the founder of Feravina - a wine delivery service for health-conscious drinkers. The business was born out of Mike's interest in drinking wine that fit better with his and his partner's health, wellness, and fitness goals. This led him to go down a rabbit hole of research into what would make some wines healthier than others.


The result was Feravina, where every wine must fit a list of strict health-related criteria before being considered. Namely, it must be organic or biodynamic, made without additives, contain only minimal sulphites, be keto-friendly, lower in alcohol, and vegan.


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