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Welcome to The Sharon Cliffe podcast. I help  experienced female  business owners who have reached a  revenue and passion plateau create  a renewed desire and  time freedom for strengthening their relationships with themselves and others without sacrificing revenue growth and losing their individuality. 

I do this by uncovering  your  true  underlying passion + energy + flow to optimize your  growth strategies This podcast shares the tips, tricks, learnings and lessons to connect self, mind, body, spirit and passion. I’m a  curious entrepreneur, intuitive coach, mentor, wife, and mum to 4 amazing humans - who enjoys living life on my own terms. Turn up the volume lets do this!

Tips for when the sh!t hits the fan!

Let's face it we all have moments in our lives when the sh!t hits the fan!
Sometimes, it's a little bit of sh!t and sometimes it's alot of sh!t!
Sometimes the fan is going slow and sometimes it's going at full speed.
Before I share my personal story on when the...
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