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Episode 22: Stephanie Lenne How to Escape the corporate world for entrepreneurship

businessgrowth entrepreneur femaleentrepreneur Jun 17, 2021

Join Sharon Cliffe and Stephanie Lenne as they chat about how to escape the corporate world for entrepreneurship. Steph shares her tips on how she escaped the hustle of corporate life.

We explore how to make the transition and at what point do you face your fears and go "all in"!


Steph is a Health and Mindset Coach, part-time corporate and part-time entrepreneur!  Steph helps women achieve their health and wellness goals by building their confidence, belief, self-esteem and stepping into their personal power.  She helps women reclaim their time, energy and focus to perform at their mental and physical peak.  Steph is committed to helping other women become leaders and start their own journey to entrepreneurship.  

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IG: @the_health_hunt 
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