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Episode 19: Karen Jacobsen How to Recalculate when things do not go as planned

#femaleentrepreneur entrepreneur singer May 26, 2021

Karen Jacobsen joins us to share her story on how she became the voice in over a billion devices worldwide. Karen shares her tips on how to find your inner GPS - your inner sense of self, and how to recalculate when things don't go to plan.


Karen's Bio

You have heard her Speaker’s voice in over a billion devices giving directions in GPS devices worldwide, and as the original Australian "Siri" in iPhones. She is an award winning Singer and Songwriter, Author of two books, and Harry Connick Jr called her "hypnotic" on his national talk show. When she is not telling people where to go, she is practicing yoga or more likely playing ping pong with her 13 year old son. Please join me in welcoming, from Australia, now living in New York City, Entertainer, Author and - the "only woman men will take directions from” -


Website The GPS Girl

Instagram Karen Jacobsen @realkarenj

Also here is the link for the free course:


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