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Episode 14: Pearl Cicci How to increase your energy levels

business businesscoach health Apr 28, 2021

Pearl shares her expert tips and philosophy's on how to increase your energy through movement and diet.
Pearl Cicci is a plant based nutritionist, health coach and personal trainer with a passion for educating people about taking care of their bodies. Her goal is to make it easy and simple to achieve optimal health. Taking a very holistic approach, Pearl is focused on the overall well being of a person. Working mainly with women entrepreneurs to increase their energy levels and optimize their health, using plant based approaches and movement. Thus allowing them to show up as the healthiest versions of themselves for their businesses and other areas of life. She believes that with proper information and guidance, everyone can feel and look their best! 
Contact info.: all social media is @pearlcicci and website is I am most active on Instagram. 
Here's a great guide on The Healthy Plate