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Episode 12: Brooke Vulinovich How to attract clients and make money on Instagram

entrepreneur instagram marketing socialmedia Apr 13, 2021

The Kween of Instagram Brooke Vulinovich shares her tips on how to attract clients and make money on Instagram, so if you want to build a business on Instagram, then jump into this episode.


Brooke's Bio:

Brooke Vulinovich is an Instagram specialist, international keynote speaker, creator of the global Social Club Membership and Academy and a regular guest on Channel 9 News Perth.

With a background in sales and marketing, Brooke’s love of customer service and her enthusiastic personality allowed her to quickly skyrocket through the digital marketing world to become one of Australia’s most influential Instagram speakers and trainers working with brands like American Express, Dermalogica, Mazda and City of Perth.

Brooke specialises in educating businesses on exactly how to leverage the power of Social Media to increase their brand awareness and boost their bottom line. 

Her online coaching community - the Social Club Membership - has empowered thousands of businesses in 32 countries with the knowledge, confidence and tools to get real results and sell using Instagram.

Want to know more about Brooke? She's a donut loving cat enthusiast (with no cat) and we really shouldn't have to tell you that Instagram is the best way to keep up with her.  

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