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Episode 7: Anna Healing your body after chronic illness

chronicillness health Mar 15, 2021

Anna shares her journey of 8 years of chronic illness and bouncing around between doctor after doctor doing test after test. Unsatisfied with the diagnosis of depression Anna discovered modalities that worked.

Anna discusses how she healed her body after a chronic illness and how it's now her passion to help others.


Anna's Bio

Anna  is a mother of 2 teenagers. She was chronically
ill for 8 years and tried everything and every doctor and nothing worked.

"I feel like I tried everything and when your in that dark place for that amount of time and you find something so life changing you want to share it with the world!"

When she found colonics it changed her life! This is where Anna's passion to set up a wellness clinic was born.  Anna set up her clinic so she could help her clients feel amazing with rapid results.

Her Bio hack sequence is making her clients feel really amazing really

The modalities that Anna specialises in are cryotherapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Lymphatic Compression and

Infrared sauna

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