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Stop trying to find yourself and create yourself! - Episode 37

entrepreneur femaleentrepreneur mumpreneur Feb 02, 2022

Stop trying to find yourself and create yourself....
In 2020 I was lost. I had lost my identity, I'd lost myself.
I was looking for myself. I was looking in Facebook groups, in Masterminds, in online courses and in downloads and check lists and I didn't find it.
It wasn't until I was at a conference (trying to find myself) where they told me that everything I needed was inside of me that the penny dropped - I needed to go inside to find answers.
I went deep.
I didn't find myself, I created myself.
This mindset shift changed everything in my life and business.
I've gone from overwhelmed, tired, lost and burnt out to energised, happy, intentional and I'm having fun!
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