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Help! Is it a good or a bad thing? - Episode 35

Jan 18, 2022

A recent MAMAMIA article sparked controversy when a business coach wrote about outsourcing her home life admin.


I'm not here to debate the article and get your opinion on it, I'm here to tell you girls -  that us women can't do all the things - we need to ask for help. We are worthy of help!


Here's my opinion on asking for help and getting help - there is a difference. 

I'll also share with you tips for how to pay for getting help for FREE and how to outsourcing in your home and business without selling your kidney or a small child.

In the words of Marie Condo, discard things that no longer spark joy.

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Important Links mentioned during the episode:

Read the controversial MAMAMIA Article, "I outsource all my home life admin. Here's exactly how I do it, and how much it costs."

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