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Welcome to The Sharon Cliffe podcast. I help  experienced female  business owners who have reached a  revenue and passion plateau create  a renewed desire and  time freedom for strengthening their relationships with themselves and others without sacrificing revenue growth and losing their individuality. 

I do this by uncovering  your  true  underlying passion + energy + flow to optimize your  growth strategies This podcast shares the tips, tricks, learnings and lessons to connect self, mind, body, spirit and passion. I’m a  curious entrepreneur, intuitive coach, mentor, wife, and mum to 4 amazing humans - who enjoys living life on my own terms. Turn up the volume lets do this!

Tips for when the sh!t hits the fan!

Let's face it we all have moments in our lives when the sh!t hits the fan!
Sometimes, it's a little bit of sh!t and sometimes it's alot of sh!t!
Sometimes the fan is going slow and sometimes it's going at full speed.
Before I share my personal story on when the...
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The number 1 question you need to ask yourself

If you only ask one question today, this is the question you need to ask!  

This is a question that I ask myself daily.  

This is the number one question that  I ask my clients.  

Now it's time for you to ask yourself the question.....  

Head over to Instagram...

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From struggling to pay for dinner to earning $15K a month with Clare Cui - Episode 46

From struggling to pay for dinner to earning $15K a month with Clare Cui.

Clare describes the moment she was out for dinner and all she could afford was the free bread.

After feeling disgusted with where her life was at, Clare decided to change, she lit the fire inside her to fill the gap...

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Decluttering Changed Our Life - Episode 45

On today's episode of The Sharon Cliffe Podcast I share with you how Decluttering Changed Our Life!
We innocently started to declutter our house of 12 years - an entire 6 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 dining, 2 living house of 6 people, and what we discovered changed our lives.
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How to Succeed on Your Terms with Anjani Amriit - Episode 44

How to Succeed on Your Terms with Anjani Amriit.
On today's episode Anjani and Sharon discuss:-
- How to do life on your terms
- Tools to empower yourself
- How to stop the self sabotage
- Why you need to stop people pleasing
- How to have a healthy bank balance without...
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How to get yourself out of a rut in 5 minutes - Episode 43

On today's episode on The Sharon Cliffe Podcast, Sharon shares her tips on How to get yourself out of a rut in 5 minutes!

Listen for her tips in this quick 5 minute episode.

* Learn how to identify when you are in "a rut"

* What to do when you are in "a rut"

* How to get out of "a rut"


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Finding Integrity in Sales Fet Chandell Labbozzetta Episode 42

On today's episode Chandell Labbozzetta discusses:-
  • what business really is, 80% psychology and 20% strategy
  • the keys to adding value to your products and services
  • how to sell without been sleezy
  • how to find integrity in sales
  • how to be confident in closing
Grab Chandells bonus...
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How to be Unstoppable feat Sarah Taylor Episode 41

On today's episode of the Sharon Cliffe Podcast special guest Sarah Taylor discusses:-
Putting structures in place so you can run on autopilot
Surviving when life throws you a curve ball
How having habits are critical
How she outsourced her thinking to clear up her brain space
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The Energetics of Money Christine Corcoran Episode 40

On today's episode I am joined by Christine Corcoran.
Christine talks about:-
- Up-levelling your money mindset
- Practicing gratitude on a deeper level
- Shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset
- How our inner dialogue affects how much money we earn
- Why...
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The Simple Way to Discover your Passion - Episode 39

The simple way to discover your passion.


We hear the buzz words all the time, live your ideal life, life a passionate life, find your passion - what does that really mean?


What actually is passion?

Join me as I share my story on how I discovered my top 5 passions and the profound...

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Change your life through daily gratitude - Episode 38

Change your life through daily gratitude!

When was the last time you stopped to think about what you're grateful for?

On today's episode I explore what gratitude is, what it really means and what are the 10 benefits of practising gratitude daily.

I share tips on how to get started  - it's...

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Stop trying to find yourself and create yourself! - Episode 37

Stop trying to find yourself and create yourself....
In 2020 I was lost. I had lost my identity, I'd lost myself.
I was looking for myself. I was looking in Facebook groups, in Masterminds, in online courses and in downloads and check lists and I didn't find it.
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