Are you a woman in midlife?

Are you feeling a little lost and disconnected from who you are?

Like you need to do something for you

Are you feeling stuck and unfulfilled?

Do you feel like you have lost your sense of purpose and direction?


I totally understand! 


Because I've been there....

I couldn't find anything to help me navigate the challenges and opportunities of midlife - all I found on Google was rubbish about midlife been a crisis and a million pages on menopause.


Trust me ladies, menopause is one chapter of this book called life and I'm NOT having a midlife crisis, I'm writing my best chapter yet!

With wisdom, experience, tools and the right mindset, I navigated my way through the midlife slump (burnt my vision board) and now I am LIVING MY DREAM LIFE!


It's my mission to help you discover a renewed purpose, embrace change and find fulfillment in this next phase of life.

Don't settle for life in the middle, live this chapter with purpose and confidence!


I’m excited to introduce “Shine” – a transformative program designed to help you navigate your next chapter!


It’s time to redefine midlife, break free from the norm, and embrace the extraordinary season you’re in.

In this transformative journey, we’re not just redefining midlife; we’re diving into rediscovering passions, embracing self-love, and unlocking happiness.


Plus, we’re adding an extra dose of vitality by focusing on your health and wellness!


As a midlife mastery mentor I will support you one on one to navigate the complexities of midlife, offering insights, strategies, and encouragement so that you can stop dreaming about your "dream life" and LIVE your dream life!


Ready to SHINE brighter than ever?



Week 1: Self Reflection

Self-reflection is the compass that guides us on our journey of personal growth. We delve into the depths of your inner world, assessing various facets of your life. Take note of what brings you joy, what drains your energy. By evaluating these dimensions, you pave the way for a more intentional and energized existence.



Week 2: Unpacking Your First Chapters

Say goodbye to limitations. It’s your time to break free from the expectations and embrace the joy of living life on your terms!



Week 3: Recalibrate

We go deep into who you want to BE, How you want to FEEL.

Let’s make happiness your daily companion. Say hello to energized mornings, fulfilling days, and joy-filled nights!



Week 4: Reconnect

When you connect with who you truly want to BE, this is when you reignite that spark!

This is where you learn to love yourself and then others.



Week 5: Mindfulness & Movement

Mindfulness coupled with movement, transforms into a dynamic synergy, fostering not only physical well-being but also an alignment of the mind, body and spirit. 

Embrace the power of being present and the power of NO. 

Keep active, agile and happy.



Week 6: Your Next Chapter...


Don't settle for life in the middle - live this chapter with confidence and purpose.

This is where we bring it all together with your Midlife Mantra.

Embrace the next chapter of midlife with unwavering confidence and purpose, it really is YOUR TIME TO SHINE!


Are you ready to SHINE?

Week1: Self Reflection

Week 2: Unpacking your First Chapters

Week 3: Recalibrate

Week 4: Reconnect

Week 5: Mindfulness & Movement

Week 6: Your Next Chapter

What you'll get:

  • Start anytime
  • 6 x 1 Hour session weekly via Zoom
  • 6 Weeks support and encouragement
  • Your own portal to keep resources and weekly live sessions

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