I've been to burnout & back, and I learned a lot along the way!.

The thing is, the first step in change is always awareness. And in order to get aware, we need to pause for a minute and get really honest about what's going on. The 10 Steps to Overcome Burnout is designed to help you do just that.


As a busy entrepreneur, wife, and mum of four children (with a husband who travels ALOT!), I struggled to find that elusive "work-life" balance.

I was always stressed.

When I was working, I had mum guilt & worried about what my long hours were doing to my kids. When I was “mum”, I worried that I wasn't in the office doing "all the things".

I kept a notepad by my bed to make insomnia-fuelled notes about my business.
I ate lunch at my desk, guzzled diet coke & coffee to stay awake, and drank wine to sleep.

Self-care always took a backseat to my work & family responsibilities.
I was "doing it all" - but none of it very well - and eventually, I burnt out.
I became dependent on unhealthy habits, forgot what life was really about & lost my mojo in the process.

After much soul-searching, I began the work of creating a business & life that I didn't need to escape from.

It took a little bit of trial and error, and a whole lot of inner work, but I did it.

I absolutely love the life I've designed for myself, and I'd love to help you do the same!


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