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Unleashed next round Starts 1st September 2023

I want you to be the best and happiest version of you!

 Last year, I completed the #75Hard Challenge – which is pretty much what the name suggests! 

This challenge taught me so much about myself, my mindset and my habits, and I got a LOT of questions from my community about the experience!


I have now combined the discipline elements of the #75hard challenge with powerful mind and spirit modalities and developed a new program to forge a powerful mind-body-spirit connection. 

I want 2023 to be the best year of your life!

It takes 21 days to change a habit but 75 days to change your life. Do you want to know the secret about self love?

For 75 days you need to commit to:- 

  • Stepping into who you are
  • Prioritising yourself
  • Making time for yourself
  • Creating space
  • Connecting to yourself
  • Changing how you see the world
  • Feeling empowered
  • Improving your focus
  • Improving your health
  • Improving your relationship with yourself and others
  • Improving your confidence
  • Removing the excuses
  • Changing how you think 

And in 75 days you will expand every area of your life.... 

  • You will have confidence
  • You will have self esteem
  • You will have grit
  • You will have self worth
  • You will have endurance
  • You will be resilient 


This will flow onto to your health, your relationships and your business. 


You will have a better relationship with yourself and those around you. 


You will be able to achieve anything 


You will be a different person! 


The framework:- 

  • Take a picture of you on day 1 and on day 75 to compare how you look and feel
  • Drink 3-4 Litres of water a day 
  • Do 1 x 30 minute workout session to move your body
  • Head outdoors for 3 minutes to connect with nature
  • Follow a healthy meal plan and it's up to you to choose no alcohol or limiting your alcohol
  • Write down what you are grateful for today 
  • Read 10 pages of a self-development book  
  • For 2 minutes, practice being present and either do a mediation or breathe work 


You will have the Unleash community and myself, beside you cheering you on, but this program is for you, you need to commit to doing the work every day for 75 days. You have access to the group and me from 1 September until 1 January 2024.


If you do the work, your life will change in every way. You will never be the same, you will be the best version of you. 


This program will be hard, but staying the same is harder. We will give you a simple tool to track your daily progress. When you lack motivation it will be the discipline that will push you through.